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 Introducing the “Vacation Inside Your Vacation.”
Book PRIVATE LAYOVER TOURS whenever you fly or cruise.

Discover the VIP treatment at YOUR next destination. Find a reliable tour guide to welcome you. To travel is to revel in the beauty of both the destination and the journey. Prior to reaching your destination you first have to endure the burden of the trip.  Unfortunately, this often includes long hours of waiting to complete the next portion of your itinerary.  We are aware of how important your time is while in transit. If you only have a few hours in between journeys or you just want the safety and comfort of private Layover Tours after a flight, cruise or train trip, we can help.

With our meet and greet service, the custom tour begins from the moment you arrive at your stopover location. You will be welcomed at your airport, train station, hotel or cruise port. One of our many professional LOCAL TOUR GUIDES carrying a ‘Super Layover’ sign will be there to greet you. Following the tour you can be returned to a central city hotel, or if on a layover, back to the airport or train station to continue your journey. Just choose one private tour available in your layover city. Tour times are offered according to your layover schedule. Layover City Tours are also available for late arrivals and ‘last minute’ bookings! (download our application)

LOW PRICE GUARANTEE. Only a small deposit is needed today. The remaining amount will be paid in person on the day of your private tour. Instant confirmation of your private tour, when you reserve. FREE cancellation.

MEDIA COVERAGE about Layover Tours

BBC News, 3 March 2016 ‘The guided tours for people waiting for a connecting flight‘ : 

As any frequent flyer can attest, there are few things more soul destroying than spending any number of hours sat in an airport terminal waiting for a connecting flight. There you are, sitting in the departure lounge watching the clock, or looking round the duty free shop for the eighth time. Bored out of your mind, you might buy some overpriced, processed food just for something to do. To add to your frustration, nearby, outside the airport is a foreign city you’d rather like to look around. It’s full of great tourist attractions, restaurants and shops. Yet you wouldn’t dream of leaving the airport to go and take a look, because not knowing the local transport system, language or geography, you are terrified that you wouldn’t get back in time, and therefore miss your flight.” … “Meanwhile, a host of other such stopover tour firms (called “Layover Tours” in North America), have also been set up in recent years, and are equally seeing their businesses boom.”