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Get Two Vacations for the Price of One

The secret to getting two vacations for nearly the price of one? Free stopovers.

Free Stopovers

What’s better than a vacation to a European city? Why, a vacation to two European cities or even three, of course! Get the biggest bang for your buck by booking Europe flights with flagship carriers that offer free stopovers, even for multiday layovers. Various airlines offer free stopovers; among them are Icelandair with stopovers in Reykjavik, Turkish Airlines with stopovers in Istanbul, Air France with stopovers in Paris, and Finnair with stopovers in Helsinki.

A lot of major airlines offer free or low-cost stops in hub cities to flyers continuing on to other end-point destinations. Tiresome layovers or breakneck connections these are not. Stopovers are overnight or multi-night stays in destinations—mini sojourns on the way to other parts of the world. They allow for exploration as well as relief from long-haul air travel, and they often come at no or low additional cost to travelers.
Some carriers, such as Icelandair, plainly advertise their free-stopover programs. Others quietly allow customers to book multicity itineraries for round-trip prices, give or take a few bucks. Depending on the carrier, you might have to do some groundwork to arrange a free stopover. Dialing up the call center may be necessary, or a simple spin on an airline’s multicity booking page might suffice. Either way, we’ll show you the way.
Remember that some of the best airlines offer free (or almost free) stopovers in major destinations!!!