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Vienna Layover Tour


Product By : Frederic

Experience luxury in Vienna, through a private & custom walking and bus tour. Enjoy the personalized attention of a local tour guide. The pricing is per-tour, not per-person. For your long layover, maximize your time with a “vacation inside the vacation”. QUESTIONS? Login and send me a MESSAGE!

Vienna Layover Tour


Tour Description

Vienna Layover Tour

Vienna Layover Tour

Composers and their music made Vienna world known. Theories, facts, romances and movies passed us stories to make us known how they lived and who they were. But of course, how far are we from the reality and from a possible fantasy. They changed forever our musical point of view. They went far enough to be respected but to be banned as well. So just follow me to see where they lived and who they were.

Music was made to be one of the most and wonderful ways of communication in a world of dreams and reality.
Composers like Beethoven and Mozart are today worldwide known as great composers. To know them in their world and how they lived in Vienna could be a very good way to understand them. Music was then a way of surviving in a city covered by ideas and ideals. Counterpoint and Harmony, composing and playing, to hear and sing, these are only a few of the central ideas in this tour. To live again the 18 th and 19 th centuries, to travel in time, to discover and to know the birth of classical music will be the idea of this tour.

The tour will start at Albertina square in front of Cafe Mozart. It is a wonderful place to start a visit in Vienna which main theme will be Music. The famous Mozart statue from Viktor Tilgner was on this same place until 1953, and was taken after to the imperial garden near the Ring where it stands today. One of the most remarkable sections of the imperial palace the Albertina, has today one of the most and huge collections left by the prince Albert from Saxony and each year new expositions from very famous artists specially painters.

On the same place where the Café Sacher stands today, was the old Imperial Opera; The Kärntner Hofteater. It was also called as the theater near the Kärntner Door. It was the old Opera where since 1810 all big composers protected by the Emperor played and showed their works. Ludwig van Beethoven debuted his ninth symphony here, one of the most wonderful and remarkable works of the classic. During the presentation the composer couldn´t hear anything because of his illness; it was the composer and director Michael Umlauf who conducted his work. In the end, the success was immediately, and it was Caroline Unger (one of the soloist singers) who turned Beethoven to the euphoric public to make him see how happy they were!

Princes, Counts, Dukes, Archdukes and Emperors who lived in this old part of the city liked to have artists and musicians who composed and played for them, leaving a unique tradition from the early middle ages to the twenty century, and so it was the capital of the German-Roman Empire also a capital of artists protected by their own Lords.

Vienna Layover Tour

-Vienna Layover Tour-

Additional Information

Tour type:

Cultural, City

Activity Level:


Kid Friendly:

Yes. Let me know the ages of your children and I’ll adjust the tour for them.

What's Included:

My services as your personal driver-guide, local taxes, VAT, tolls and baggage charges.

What's Extra:

Meals, entrance fees if applicable

Transportation Method:

Walking Tour (3 hours), Walking and Bus tour (6 hours)

Wheelchair accessible vehicle:


End location:

Unless otherwise directed all customers will be dropped off at the same location as their pickup.

Licensed Tour Guide:


Spoken Languages:

English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese

Radius distance from pick-up point:

30 miles (50 Km)


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